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Grand opening

14th November 2019

Architect and design Denise Da Cruz was invited to present a retrospective of the last 30 years in Liechtenstein at the "1989: the year that changed the world - Megaplex Worldwide Exhibition"

The event will take place on November 14 at the Kulturhaus Rössle - Peter-und-Paul-Strasse 43, 9493 Mauren - Liechtenstein the exhibition will remain open until November 17.

The theme chosen by the artist was MUTATION.

Through UPCYCLING the artist creates sculptures from PETs and CD bottles turning them into sculptures, so the MUTATION theme.


Plastic sometimes useful, art from recycled PET's and CD.

PET and CD is a substance that is derived from petroleum and harms a great deal of the environment and wildlife. Above all bottles made of PET and CD represent a modern epidemic for nature.

Denise Da Cruz uses PET and CD and plastic in a very special way.

PET and CD as art? For Denise Da Cruz from Brazil that's a matter of course. Recycled PET and plastic is the basis of her artistic creative power. Plastic is processed into beautiful, colored sculptures. The artist processes the PET with the help of heat, shapes, cuts and turns the PET into figures that fascinate the viewer.


Fam&Events, Asbl has the objective of encouraging and diffusing the visual arts and promote a reflection about humanity life changing events-worldwide in our past 30 years that had its origin in the year 1989 and the consequences of said events that influenced and shaped our present. This exhibition is an exposé of said events in the artists eyes. Every medium is welcome and the theme pertaining to the year 1989 is of the artists’ choice.


Participating Cities:


  1. Aarhus - DK

  2. Amsterdam - NL

  3. Antwerpen -BE

  4. Athenas -GR

  5. Ausburg - DE

  6. Berlin -DE

  7. Bray - IE

  8. Brasilia - BR

  9. Bruxelles - BE

  10. Capetinga - BR

  11. Cork - IE

  12. Davik - NO

  13. Florianopolis - BR

  14. Kranj - SLO

  15. Lisboa - PT

  16. Londres - UK

  17. Madrid - ES

  18. Mendoza - AG

  19. Miami - US

  20. Napoli - IT

  21. Paris - FR

  22. Porto - PT

  23. Rio de Janeiro - BR

  24. Sao Paulo - BR

  25. Varginha - BR

  26. Zurich - CH

Skulpturen Mutation
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